Diane  Chung

Artist Statement

Duality is a theme permeating my work, whether it be a series exploring the boundaries between photography and painting, the perception between realism and abstract or the internal and external worlds in which one inhabits. Although I am influenced by the concept of convulsive beauty in surrealism and color field in abstract expressionism, my work goes beyond the traditional visions of either movement.

Captured photographically, the work is complete only when presented with a specific medium outside of the screen and traditional paper prints. This “photographic object” offers the viewer different layers of reading from abstraction to formal realism and vice versa. 

    Group Shows:


    • The Clubhouse HK - Hong Kong Art Festival Pop-Up Gallery, Hong Kong SAR, China


    • "Size Matters" - Medium Photography Festival Exhibition at Sparks Gallery, San Diego
    • "Altered" - OFFSpace at Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco


    • Lens Culture Street Photography Competition Gallery


    • "Abstract Expressionism" - Linus Art Galleries, Los Angeles 
    • "Real Photo" - Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati
    • "Texture" - Linus Art Galleries, Los Angeles


    • "Impulse" - ARC Gallery, San Francisco

Contact Diane

Diane is based in San Francisco, California, USA. Drop her a line for questions regarding her work and upcoming shows.


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