Postcards From Home

Over the course of 12 weeks, COVID-19, a novel coronavirus which jumped from animals to humans spread worldwide, sickening millions and causing deaths in the hundreds of thousands. The pandemic brought healthcare systems to the brink of collapse; in the absence of a vaccine and effective therapy, social distancing becomes the only mitigation strategy. Shelter-In-Place orders mandate the shutdown of “non-essential” businesses and isolation of households, families, friends. For one of the few times in history, a global collective is forced to live with a new normal under the same confines and restrictions.

Against a pandemic backdrop, “Postcards From Home” is a multi-parts series shot during the lockdown in San Francisco beginning in March 2020. The images depict the state of isolation and represent a descent of one’s psyche when living with fear and uncertainty. The split-tone palette along with the dark vignettes are reminiscent of surreal scenes from nightmares.
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